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About Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015 and big things are planned for the franchise. A new TV series is being made right now for screening in 2015 and many other exciting releases are planned. Thunderbirds is a show that has stood the test of time and has been enjoyed by children and adults across many generations.

Homepin have secured the worldwide rights to manufacture Thunderbirds Pinball.

Homepin has negotiated the rights with the owner of Thunderbirds to be able to supply licenced parts such as playfield toys and cabinet decals for the life of the machine. This means that, unlike many DMD era machines where original parts are no longer allowed to be made, parts will be available legally for as long as you wish to keep the machine going.

About Thunderbirds Pinball

Thunderbirds Pinball will be based upon the following conceptual ideas.
(all concepts & prototyping is subject to final change as this project develops)
  • Standard pinball cabinet width & size
  • Real mechanical pinball action - (this is NOT a video game)
  • Single level playfield with ramps & subways
  • LED DMD (no distracting and unreliable LCD screens)
  • Embedded Microcontrollers - (there are NO personal computer parts used)
  • Homepin legendary bulletproof electronics
  • Easy to understand rule set with added depth for experienced players
  • All the action of the International Rescue team and their machines
  • Eye catching graphics & animated backbox action
  • Spare parts available for the life of the machine
  • The most substantial warranty in the industry
Homepin is not trying to re-invent pinball, far from it. The most popular machines are standard cabinet, DMD pinballs. There are very valid reasons for this. They are not too heavy or awkward to move around yet provide a great playing experience without taking too much space.

Homepin is using time tested and proven electronics for the control system (called 'embedded controllers') the same as all Solid State (SS) pinball manufacturers have used since the inception of SS machines and that the largest pinball manufacturer in the world still uses to this day. Embedded controllers are industrial quality and are used in many things you use every day such as remote controls, air conditioners, microwave ovens, cars, TV & stereo systems and thousands more. They are reliable and proven to the point that you probably didn't even know they were used in these everyday products.

Homepin has some innovative ways to implement this embedded system that will make servicing and fault finding more straightforward than in any other machine. The Homepin control system will NOT use any personal computor (PC) parts as they are not intended for use in industrial applications such as pinball machines and would create longer term repair issues.

About GST/VAT and Shipping

These charges are not payable until your machine is ready to ship from the Homepin factory. Tax will be billed at your countries rate and the shipping will be at cost and is estimated at approx AU$400 (subject to confirmation before shipping).

About Homepin

Mike is an electronic engineer who has worked on electronic (SS) pinball machines since 1978. Prior to that he worked at a small electronics factory in Brisbane Australia designing and making radio control systems for modellers and Government departments. This factory covered all aspects of design and manufacture "in-house" including all cabinet and metalwork, printed circuit design layout and fabrication and full assembly alignment and packaging of the finished product.

Working at this electronics factory gave Mike the extra level of expertise that many are not fortunate enough to possess and gives him an extraordinary understanding and competence in the complete electronic manufacturing process. Combine that background with 35 years of practical experience in the amusement industry, his many electronics design projects undertaken for commercial applications and his business experience in China and this creates a very unique combination of skill sets that few possess.

Those who already have Homepin products will attest to the exceptionally high quality and reliability of these products. Mike has made a point of re-designing many different pinball PCBs re-creating them with updated electronics or more easily available components.

Homepin was born from the hobby business of Mike Kalinowski. Homepin is not a Pty Ltd company, it is structured as a sole trading business. Mike has been importing from China for ten years and established an office in China around eight years ago. Mike will open a Homepin pinball factory in China and personally run it to ensure high quality and timely construction. Having so many years dealing with Chinese suppliers and also being commissioned to relocate several large Australian businesses to China gives Mike the first hand experience needed to make this project successful.

It is an economic fact that wages and almost all other costs associated with a factory are substantially cheaper than those in Australia and Mike will ensure all staff are paid their correct entitlements and working conditions under Chinese law. This makes for a happy workforce and a high quality product. Mike also has Australian expat contacts in China who are happy to assist him in any way possible to see this project succeed.

Mikes son Grant has lived in China for seven years now and will come on board with this project. Grant is a very accomplished graphic designer and will also bring an element of youthfullness to this exciting project. Grants experience includes freehand cartooning and animation. He has worked with Government departments to create public awareness campaigns and with many large companies helping them create characters and layouts for their various projects.

There is also a small team of experienced and talented designers working on this project and, at this stage, they wish to remain in the background due to their commitments with other companies at this time.

Homepin has the skills, the team and now the Licenced theme to bring this exciting project to reality.

Thunderbirds are GO!

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